LIVOD lets you live stream with friends and family

What is LIVOD?

LIVOD is a new app for fun, live streaming with friends & family.  It enables you to broadcast live streamin videos to your followers. They will be instantly notified when you go live and will be able to send you text messages and "likes" while you stream.

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Social Networking

LIVOD users can login with Twitter, share stream on Twitter, follow/un-follow other users within the app. Any other social network can be integrated for login or sharing.

Live Streaming Videos

LIVOD users can broadcast live streaming videos, other users can join and watch them. Recent streams can be also replayed, if other users have missed it when it was live.

Likes and Chat

LIVOD users can post real-time messages while watching the live stream, bringing the never-seen-before level of communication with the broadcaster. Users can like what they see by tapping on the screen. It will cause a beautiful heart animation to appear for viewers and for the author of the stream.

Push Notifications

Every time a LIVOD users goes online all their followers get push notifications on their devices about that.


What’s next for LIVOD?

We’re very excited to launch the app in the coming weeks. Live video is a rapidly growing market so we’re aiming for LIVOD to lead the way on live streaming by letting people broadcast their experiences to friends & family.


These are some of the features that LIVOD currently offers but Outdoorlife4fun has already been actively working towards stage 2 and 3 of the app.   Be a part of this revolution by liking and sharing our app. Join our newsletter now.

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